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Financial Partnership

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LifeWorks offers a variety of payment options to make counseling easily accessed for you and your family. Please contact our Administration Team to determine which is the best fit for you.

LifeWorks accepts most in and out of network insurances including Medicaid.

This option is available for those who choose not to utilize insurance benefits or the Assisted Fee schedule.

Assisted Fee
An adjusted fee is available for those who do not have insurance coverage or those who choose to see a counselor that does not accept insurance.

EAP ~ Employee Assistance Programs
LifeWorks partners with several of these specialized payment programs offered through many workplaces.

Church Assisted Fee
LifeWorks partners with numerous area churches who offset the cost of counseling for their members/attendees.

Specialized Business Contracts
LifeWorks contracts with several local businesses who desire to provide services for their employees and students.

Internship Fee
Upon availability, LifeWorks offers significantly reduced fees when LifeWorks hosts a Master’s Level intern from an area college.