LifeWorks Counseling & Consulting, Inc.

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Mission & Values

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LifeWorks approaches the counseling experience from a wellness model of striving to empower others towards developing and restoring wholeness in mind, body, soul, and relationships.


Our professional team is here to offer a full range of counseling services to better the lives of the individuals and families we serve. When life is tough, our team is dedicated to serving as a professional guide, providing resources, teaching helpful life skills, and being a catalyst for hope. We believe everyone deserves excellent counseling to build lasting change and a brighter future.


LifeWorks hold the personal value and worth of our clients and each other with the highest regard. Our values uphold the highest regard for the standard of practice in professional service to meet clinical needs while maintaining a high standard of ethics.

LifeWorks was founded on principles of faith in Jesus Christ and seeks to uphold our values in the way we treat and respond to others. While the founding principles are personal values, our commitment to others is of the highest regard and we welcome all people who practice their personal faith and wish to integrate their faith into the counseling process and those who do not. It is our goal that everyone who walks through our doors has a positive, clinically strong counseling experience that leads to a more fulfilling life.