LifeWorks has therapists who are regarded specialists with working with individuals, families, multiple ethnic populations, and adult men and women. We also have therapists who works with those who have pre-verbal needs, children, pre-teens, teenagers, college students, and the aging population. Each person matters and our well-rounded team are ready and able to serve you.


LifeWorks has many therapists who specifically work with the unique relationships of couples, marriages, and pre-marital couples. Our goals are to help each couple move towards unity by supporting the goals they set together. We understand communication and conflict are often sources of contention and work to help couples achieve their aspirations.


We recognize and honor many special groups of people such as the military, fire, police, and rescue, and medical personnel. Our team is passionate about working with these brave men and women who serve us every day so that we can serve others. LifeWorks has several therapists who are passionate about walking alongside these individuals who put themselves at risk and in harms ways and often deal with traumatization from their service.

A journey of a thousand miles begins
with a single step…